The Frederic Mompou Private Foundation

The Frederic Mompou Private Foundation was established by Carme Bravo, Frederic Mompou’s widow and heir to his entire estate, Joventuts Musicals de Barcelona and Joan Millà Francolí, in Barcelona on June 12, 2006.  The Foundation bears number 2281 in the Foundation Registry of the Department of Legal Affairs and Legal Entities of the Government of Catalonia.

Carme Bravo’s desire was always for her husband’s work to be preserved, publicized and promoted, especially among young people, for whom Mompou felt special esteem. This desire was transferred to the Mompou Foundation and incorporated into its by-laws.


When the Mompou Foundation was created, the organization chart was as follows:  Carme Bravo, President; Mr. Joan Millà Francolí, Vice President; Miquel M. Badal, Secretary and Josep Serra, Treasurer. The Board members of the Frederic Mompou Foundation were Josep M. Arassa, Ignasi Campà, M. Dolors Planella, Kiev Portella, Jesús Rueda and Josep Soler. The Frederic Mompou Private Foundation had its public presentation at the Saló de Cent in the Barcelona City Hill on March 20, 2007, with words of welcome from City Councilwoman Katy Carreras, a talk on the composer by the holder of the Chair in Music History at the University of Barcelona, Xosé Aviñoa, a written message from Carme Bravo and a lyrical recital of Mompou’s works by pianist Mac McClure and the mezzo-soprano Marisa Martins.

With the passing of the Foundation’s President, Carme Bravo, on April 29, 2007, and the resignation of Board Member Josep Soler in June of the same year, the organization chart was modified as follows: Joan Millà, President; Miquel M. Badal, Secretary, and Josep Serra, Treasurer.  The Foundation’s Board members were Josep M. Arassa, Ignasi Campà, M. Dolors Planella, Kiev Portella and Jesús Rueda.

In 2013, the Board Members approved unanimously that Mr. Jordi Maluquer become part of the organization chart as a new Board member.

The offices of the Mompou Foundation were situated at the site of the Mompou’s apartment (Passeig de Gràcia, 108, 1r 2a / 08008 Barcelona), with a view towards preserving the Mompou-Bravo family’s possessions and spirit.

Commemorative plaque

On January 29th, 2014, the Barcelona City Council installed a commemorative plaque dedicated to Frederic Mompou on the facade of the property situated at Passeig de Gràcia, 108, Barcelona, where he lived and died, and where the Mompou Foundation is now located.

The Frederic Mompou Foundation (a bit of history)

Until 1979, the relationship of the Jeunesses Musicales de Barcelone (JMB) with the Mompou family was the type of relationship one would expect between a musical institution and a famous composer from the same city.  In that year, the Mompous were invited to a concert at the Galeria Maeght by the painter Joan Miró, who was staying at the Gallery.  The concert was part of the “Music on Montcada Street” concert series.  Also attending were soloist Carlota Garriga and the President of the JMB, Joan Millà Francolí. This was the beginning of a more personal relationship.

On April 16, 1983, to commemorate Frederic Mompou’s 90th birthday, Joventuts Musicals de Barcelona programmed a Mompou marathon at its headquarters.  The event lasted a full 12 hours, with the collaboration of everyone from the world of music in Barcelona, including musicians, choirs, soloists, composers, musical institutions… and the guest of honor himself.

The following year, during a private tribute, Frederic Mompou agreed to be the Honorary President of the then five year-old Young Composers Competition, organized by Joventuts Musicals de Barcelona.  In 1985, Joventuts promoted the entirety of Mompou’s piano compositions through a series of four concerts by Antoni Besses and Miquel Farré as part of the Diumúsica concert series.  These events further strengthened the bonds between Joventuts and the Mompous, and led to closer personal ties between Joan Millà Francolí and Mr. and Mrs. Mompou, so much so that upon the death of the composer, his widow, Carme Bravo, accepted the position of Honorary President of the Composers Competition, and in 1999, she authorized the Joventuts to use the name of Frederic Mompou for the Prize, now an international award.

Exhibition Frederic Mompou / Gaudí ( El so de la llum)

Ther personal items and works of the composer included in the exhibition:

” El so de la llum Mompou / Gaudi ”
Museu de la Musica 12-12-12 / 01-09-13.

Carme Bravo

The youngest daughter in a family of craftsmen, Carme Bravo Roy (Gironella, 1919, Barcelona, 2007) was first exposed to the world of letters through her mother, a retired teacher.  That was when she discovered her gift for music. She studied piano at the Barcelona Advanced Conservatory of Music with the best teachers of her time.  She got the highest grades and won prizes for extraordinary performance in the different disciplines.

She started her piano career in Barcelona, where she performed with the city’s orchestra under the direction of Eduard Toldrà.  Later, she moved to Paris, with a scholarship from the city of Barcelona.  There, she was able to broaden her studies under the tutelage of the eminent Professors Lazare Lévi and Magda Tagliaferro.  She got wise advice from the renowned pianist, Ricard Viñes.  She performed in France, Italy, and Holland with both classic and Spanish repertoire.

On 1941, she met Frederic Mompou, who was sitting on a jury for a music competition in which she was performing.  A profound friendship developed between the Master and the young pianist, which led to marriage in 1957.  Bravo’s relationship with Frederic Mompou led the Master to compose once again, after years of creative crisis.

After her marriage to Frederic Mompou, Carme Bravo interrupted her piano career, and devoted herself full time to teaching, for which she felt a great calling.  She was professor of piano at the Barcelona Advanced Conservatory of Music and taught pedagogy at the Barcelona Teachers College.