www.fredericmompou.es Web site created by his widow, Carme Bravo, with help from musicologist Ferran Granja.  Extensive biographical material, photos, manuscripts, interviews, a listing of his work, bibliography, record list, etc.  In Catalan, Spanish, English and French.

Advice written by Carmen Bravon on the music of Frederic Mompou (in Spanish)

Music F.Mompou (Xosé-Aviñoa) (in catalan)

Notes written by Frederic Mompou about the expression for the interpretation at the piano of his works (in Catalan)

http://www.macmcclure.com/compositors/mompou/biocast.html A brief biography written by the American pianist, Mac McClure, on his web site.  A listing of works, with photos.  In Spanish, Catalan, and English.

http://www.cervantesvirtual.com/portal/albeniz/fondos.jsp An exhaustive registry and transcription of the composer’s documents and personal collection, compiled on the centennial of his birth, with help from his widow.  The transcription of the composer’s correspondence is substantial.

www.adamar.org/numero_15/000016.janes.htm A biographical article written by Clara Janés, author of the book Federico Mompou: Vida, textos y documentos (Frederic Mompou:  Life, Texts and Documents). In Spanish.

Links to other web sites having to do with the composer.

http://www.musicologie.org/Biographies/m/monpou.html A web site on musicians, including a biography, catalog of works and bibliography for Mompou.  In French

http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=mompou Recordings of different musicians playing Mompou, along with interviews with Carme Bravo.

http://www.trito.es/details.php?ref=DD00528    For the purchase of recordings of Mompou’s work.

http://www.catradio.com/pcatradio/crItem.jsp?seccio=programa&idint=1060 Makes it possible to listen to Frederic Mompou’s music, played by Mompou, and commented on by his widow.  In Catalan.

An interview with Carme Bravo (2003) Part 1Part 2Part 3